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Mindy was a beautiful young woman. This Saturday night she was sitting in a corner at a party at a friend's house, minding her own business, when something horrific happened to her. Out of nowhere, she found a painful sensation emanating throughout the bones in her hands, forcing her to drop her drink to the ground. "Party foul!" A guy yelled to her. People groaned and laughed, but she was transfixed on her hands as the skin swelled and bubbled. She wrinkled her eyebrows and a little whimper escaped from between her pink lips. "Is something wrong?" Her friend Katie asked. In an instant, Mindy's bones began to grow!

Her eyes went wide, her face struck with horror as this unexpected and painful change enveloped her. Her hands shook and her palms sweated as every bone thickened and elongated. Katie asked, "What's wrong? Mindy?" Katie looked down at Mindy's hands to see the same thing. They were growing longer and longer, the skin getting thicker and tougher, her knuckles bulging and, in time, her nails elongating. "What the hell is wrong with your hands?!"

"I don't know!" Mindy whimpered, backing against the wall. Her chest heaved and she moaned and whined. There was nothing she could do but endure the rest of the transformation, which had been triggered remotely by a girl who had a grudge on her...who just so happened to be a witch. "That will show that bitch," said the witch, Jane, from her room across town. "If she thinks she can talk shit on me, she has another thing coming. I just wish I could be there to see the look on her face..."

"Hey, are you going to clean that up or what?" A fellow yelled toward her. "What's wrong with her? Is she crying?" People started to get curious. What was Mindy doing?

"Don't come any closer to me!" She cried as she hugged her body and fell onto her knees. "Please!"

"Are you sick or what? What's wrong?" Someone asked.

"I...I don't know! J-just leave me alone. I'll be okay...Nrrrghhh!!! Owwww!" The sound of bones popping radiated from her being. She hunched over, her shoulders ripping open her shirt. The rips widened to accommodate her growing arms and back. "Oh, fuck, to me?!"

By now, people were curious. They gathered around her and watched, trying to help, trying to get her to tell them what was wrong.

"I don't know!" She screamed before falling over. She was now supporting herself on her hands, which were now resembling paws, and wept and sobbed. "Fuck...Please help me!"

"What do we do?! What's wrong, Mindy?" Asked a buddy of hers.

"What's happening to you?!" Asked another.

"I...don't...know!!" She grunted as her teeth started growing longer.

"Her ears! Look at her ears!" Everyone moved in closer to watch her cute little ears elongating and growing to a point. "What...but...but...That can't be," said Katie. "Dudes, I don't think we should eat anymore of Joe's shrooms! These are way too intense," said one partgoer. "I am so done with these, man!"

"But I see it too...And I didn't eat any shrooms," said Katie.

"This is really happening to me!" Cried Mindy! She screamed as every bone in her spine morphed and her muscles ballooned and inflated to two, three times their normal size, tearing her shirt across. She was bawling now, a small nub of a tail beginning to push its way out. "What the hell..." Said one girl. "Holy shit, it's a tail! She's growing a tail!"

"What?! I'm growing a WHAT?!" Mindy screamed. She looked down at her hands as they transformed slowly, her back changing and morphing, her tail sprouting. "Look into my mirror," said Katie, pulling one from her purse. "Look at your teeth! They're turning into fangs!" Katie showed Mindy her face, and she screamed again. "What is wrong with me?! How is this happening??"  She cried as she watched her teeth turn into fangs in the mirror, running her tongue along them, her ears almost finished changing. "I am out of here," said a few people. "This is fucked up!" Her fingernails were now long and sharp, the polish cracked. Fur grew from her flesh, leading up her arms. Veins pressed against the inside of her body, looking like rivers all over her neck and back.

"What is happening to you?!" Asked Katie. "You''re...turning into an animal!"

"I know! Fuck...Ngggghhhhhhh!! Khhhhk...He-e-e-e-elp meeeeeeee...Pleeeeeeeeease...!" Was all Mindy could get out as she sobbed, her tail completing its growth as she watched her hands finish changing into paws. Sweat poured off of her as her shredded shirt stuck to her expanding torso. Tears dropped onto the floor. Katie screamed as she looked down at poor Mindy. Her ears were no longer human, they were pointed like a cat's. Fangs filled her mouth and her hands were now paws. A tail, with fur sprouting from it, was now sticking out behind her. "Don't leave me!" Mindy yelled. Katie backed away.

"What's happening to that girl?"
"What is wrong with her?"
"She's turning into a fucking cat or werewolf or some shit!"
"Is it the drugs?"
"Did she take the acid? Could the acid have done this to her?! No way."
"I hope not, man. I took some of that."
"Is this our imagination?"

"No! This is real! It's REAL! This is actually happening to me! Help! HELP!" Mindy cried. People pushed and shoved their way out of the room except for one guy who was filming it the whole time. "Why are you filming this?! Help me!"

"How? What do I do? Call an ambulance? How could they help? I can't do anything! This is crazy," the guy said excitedly.

She flipped over and sat down, looking at her feet. She kicked off her shoes and wiggled her toes as her fishnet pantyhose stuck to the skin with sweat. Dull roars and rumbles came from inside her feet as she sobbed and cried and moaned helplessly, still only partway through her long transformation from girl to animal. "Oh, no, oh, please, not more. Stop! STOP! This is my body! My body! N-n-n-nooooo!"

He focused the camera on her feet and legs as the bones snapped and popped. She dug her claws into the wall and screamed loudly as she straightened herself out, bracing for the immense pain that was just starting. Her feet finally started to actually grow, stretching the fabric of her pantyhose with them. Her heels and ankles swelled, veins pressing against her skin, easy to see snaking all over the tops of her feet and soles. She wiggled and stretched her aching toes as each and everyone of them popped through the holes of her fishnets individually, one after the other, ripping the fabric apart. "Oh, FUCK! MY FEET! No! Not my feet...I don't...want...paws!!"

"Look at her feet! They're turning" the guy's said as he shot the video. "Paws..."

"Stop filming and help...m..m....meeeeeeee..." she begged. She was choking up, gasping for air, unable to get a breath between sobs, whimpers and screams. Tears covered her cheeks as her hair and clothes stuck to her sweaty, sticky skin as her heart thumped through her heaving chest. She looked down helplessly as her petite feet morphed right before her big, wet eyes, her lips trembling. Her feet continued to grow longer and longer, the bones pressing against the inside of her flesh, thickening. POP! SNAP! C-C-CRACK! The bones of her toes, too, began to swell. Her fishnet pantyhose ripped wide open in numerous places as her cute little toes grew and tore them apart, pieces of fabric still clinging between some of them, snapping apart one by one as they were pushed to their limits by her unceasingly elongating feet. The skin on her soles thickened and toughened up and resembled the skin on her palms. She dug her claws into the wall deeper and deeper, bared her fangs and groaned and moaned and she turned this way and that. All on camera.

Finally, her nails started to jut out, sharpening and thickening. They were beginning to resemble the claws on her fingers. She flexed her toes as they swelled and bulged, her long, strong feet now resembling paws. The nail polish cracked and fell from her claws as they grew. The camera caught every moment, from the moment her feet were sweet and petite until they finally became paws. She looked down helplessly and bawled nonstop at her new paws which were replacing her adorable little feet. Fur began to sprout from her toes and slowly trickle downward. "No...No! Please! I...have...paws??!! This is impossible! How could this be happening to me? My feet? My body?!" She spread her toes apart as the fur grew between them, somewhat tickling her skin. She cried and cried as she watched her new coat of fur envelope her feet...or rather, her paws.

Her leg muscles suffered the same fate as her arms as they grew thicker and longer, her bones doing the same as fur covered the skin. They readjusted and aligned themselves according to the way her new body dictated. She rolled over and sobbed as she was forced onto all fours. "FUCKING HELP ME! I'M TURNING INTO AN ANIMAL!!" She screamed between her fangs, now filling up her small mouth.

She screamed some more, tearing up the carpet with her claws as bones from every part of her fuzzy body popped nonstop like bubble wrap, the carpet soaked with her sweat. Her skirt and shirt were mere rags hanging from her large body, once petite. She heaved and sobbed, arching her back and writhing around on the ground. "Oh no, please no, this can't be happening...This isn't me! I'm not a fucking animal! I'm a girl! Just a girl!" She looked up at the camera with soaking wet eyes and begged for help. "I'll do anything, ANYTHING, just please...Stop! I want my fucking body back! I want to be ME!" She whimpered at nobody in particular. Her transformation had taken maybe as much as ten whole minutes by now and at this point almost everyone had run away, horrified. Her bra popped off and her wet breasts embraced the fresh, cool air.

Her girlish noises became muffled groans as she coughed, sputtered, moaned and whined, baring her now very large fangs. Her face started to push outward, stretching her skin and muscle. The skin of her nose thickened and turned wet, the fur from her torso creeping up her neck toward her face. Her hair was changing colors and joining with the fur, her ears and tail hung sadly as the final touches of her terrifying experience occurred. On all fours, she screamed and growled as her body twisted and turned in both directions. Her muzzle grew longer before her very eyes. She could feel her fur on her face, her entire coat growing more and more coarse all over her entire body. She heaved heavily some more as the cameraman backed out of the room, the sequence ending with the once beautiful girl now a big, hulking beast of a tiger in the middle of a suburban living room.
"That cunt got what was coming to her," said the witch, Jane, as she watched the now viral video on the internet.


50 million+ views on youtube. The most popular comment: "fake".

"I suppose she has learned her lesson. Perhaps I can change her back now," Jane muttered under her breath. "The lab looking at her right now will be shocked to see her change back into a pretty girl, won't they?"

That video got a lot of views, too.
Poor little Mindy is cursed by a witch and begins to transform uncontrollably at a party with her friends.
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northernstar1 Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2015
The most widely used form of revenge among young people - public humiliation. Pair that with displaying it on YouTube, and it makes a great statement about our society and the technical age we live in. Nice to see that it's hinted that Mindy will change back eventually. Would like to see if that makes her more humble and a better person.
LucasGodzilla Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2016
stevenbrauch Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2015
I don't know that she could have ever been enough of a bitch to deserve that though. That's why she needs to change back. She was probably pretty fucked up afterwards.
northernstar1 Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2015
I look at the transformation as a metaphor for getting even. Could it be that maybe Jane the witch wasn't even a witch at all and maybe this was just a fantasy she concocted in her mind to deal with loneliness & rejection? Just a thought.
SgtThom Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2012
lol at the youtube part. Good job at the realism.
justforfun34 Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2012
this is fucking awesome. great job :D
stevenbrauch Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2012
Wouldn't you just love to see that happen at a party? Or even just on that youtube video the guy shot? I would watch that every day.
justforfun34 Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2012
no kidding. i'd prefer it just be me and her though ;P
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